Choice Batter Testimonials

Choice Batter Fans are Saying…

I enjoyed it very much. I finally remember what it is like to have eaten fried chicken.

Jessica of Crofton, MD

The batter was wonderful…it reminded me of chicken nuggets that I ate as a child.

Christina of Annapolis, MD

Great tasting! It was great to be eating a piece of batter dipped chicken. Almost as good as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

(editors note: We’re working on KFC)

Susan of Crownsville, MD

I was so excited to have fried chicken again. My husband made it the other night for the family and no one could tell it was gluten-free. It was delicious!

Tracey of Sykesville, MD

Wow! It was so crunchy and mouth watering that I just wanted to keep eating. My daughter go to eat onion rings and chicken tenders for the first time!

Denise of Ellicott City, MD

My doctor demanded that I lose weight but I love my fried foods, especially on Sundays during football season. ChoiceBatter has allowed me to be part of the tailgates!

Paul of Hearndon, VA

The chicken strips were delicious – crispy. Tastes just like a traditional fried chicken strip. I couldn’t tell the difference.

Bambi of Severna Park, MD

We are so happy to have Choice Batter as a part of our diet. As our family lives with the challenges of severe multiple food allergies it’s hard to find products not containing the top eight allergens including corn. Choice Batter is a product that does what it says. I have been disappointed with other gluten-free products – excited to use them, but later finding out they will only work if you add an allergen to them. The onion rings and fried zucchini are great, and I have a new favorite food – fried green beans!

Kathy of Glendale, Arizona

LOVE THIS STUFF!!! When I first opened the box, the most wonderful smell of herbs and seasonings came out and filled the kitchen. When my husband came out he said “What is that wonderful smell?” And this was before we even started cooking! The batter cooked up very well, nice and crispy and it actually stuck to the food after it was cooked! We’ve had problems with other coatings falling off as they cooked or even after we removed the food from the fryer.

Wendi from Harrisburg, PA

The chicken strips and the onion rings were out of this world. I couldn’t get enough onion rings– it took me back to my teenage memories of summer evenings of onion rings and Dr. Pepper.

Lynn from Boerne, Texas